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My work celebrates the Flow between trees and people.  Scientists have discovered tree interactions detailed in the work of Simard and Wohlleben.  Trees have measurable communications and share resources and knowledge intra-species.  My art is inspired by this information.  I work with Clay Drawings, casts from live tree bark.  Mosaics add context to these tree portraits.  Trees are living witnesses to history and show race, age, damage and endurance.  By casting trees adjacent to my upcoming exhibits, viewers see both source and art together.  I am told by my audiences that they will never see trees the same way again. 

Returning to the River

2017, Mosaic Mural, (8'x16'x6")

Was completed for Parkadon Corp. and is installed in the lobby of their new building at 70 West 139th St.  

A slideshow showing the creation of the mosaic:

Clay Drawings
(27 Pieces)
(9 Pieces)
Paintings & Installations
(24 Pieces)

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Free Library installed

This mosaic is one of 3 Free Libraries permanently installed in Marcus Garvey Park, NY, 2017. 
The post has clay drawings cast from nearby trees by the Urban Innovators of Harlem, working on the right .
FLUX Fair Process Video
By the Waters Mosaic Video