My artwork focuses on trees and the forest, my sanctuary.  I explore the area shared by painting, sculpture, installation and textiles.  Regardless of the media I use all of my work has a complex broken then rebuilt surface.     I design art for public sites with surfaces that can be touched addressing history or struggles that have or must be solved

I was pressing clay into live tree bark to make individual trees visible, adding a story with mosaics.  Viewers are encouraged to touch these prints.  I moved 15 times in the last 30 years including 4 international moves, recording my travels with clay prints. 

I hold public workshops with each installation where audiences become designers, selecting then pressing clay into the tree bark, reconnecting with nature.  

These clay prints are joined with all of the materials I’ve used in my current series, Urban Wilding.  “Each collage exists in conversation with its own past…Each collage carries within it the literal world from which it was made.”

 Margaret Renkl , Times Contributing Opinion Writer